Instagram Gets New SloMo, Echo, and Duo Filters for Boomerang
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    Ekukan Ikem 2 months ago

    The owner of Instagram on Saturday has introduced three new options in order to share their various Boomerang Stories: SlowMo, Echo, and Duo, along with a new few features to trim their length."Your Instagram camera gives you ways to express yourself and easily share what you're doing, thinking or feeling with your friends.

    Boomerang is an iconic part of that, and one of the most beloved camera formats. Instagram is excited to expand on the creativity and give you new ways to use Boomerang to turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected," the company said in a statement.

    The new filters are available in the Boomerang composer located in the Instagram Stories camera. With SlowMo, as the name suggests, Boomerang videos are slowed to half their original speed. Echo creates a double vision effect, enhancing Boomerang and Duo, both speeds up and slows down Boomerang, adding a texturized effect. It's also possible to trim and adjust the length of recorded Boomerangs with the update.

    The new effects come as an over-the-air (OTA) update. To access these new effects, take a Boomerang, as usual, open the Story camera, swipe over to "Boomerang" on the carousel, then tap the shutter button or hold it down and let go. Next, tap the infinity symbol along the top of the display to access the new effects.

    Instagram recently launched a new "Layout" feature that will allow users to include multiple photos in a single story. With this, users now create their Stories with up to six different photos, although this new feature was already on third-party apps to create similar images. A user just needs to do is open the Stories camera inside Instagram and look for "Layout" to start combining the photos. Once finished, just publish the Story just like any other.